AJ VS. Karo Results from Metamoris Underground

Attacking the Kimura on Karo

Attacking the Kimura on Karo

I really appreciate all the positive comments regarding my match with Karo. After 20 minutes it ended in a draw. A lot of you are calling this match the most exciting in the history of Metamoris and although I can’t say whether that is true or not, it is always something I always strive for when I step on the mat. This match happened in two days notice and I don’t say that for an applaud or a pat on the back, I say that for those of you who are reserved in your approach to competition. I believe the mat is where you learn the most about yourself, and the art. When you challenge yourself and step outside your zone of comfort, you experience things beyond fathom. Give competition a try.

Regarding the intensity during the match: you can speculate and say I was a jerk or an ass, but for me I like engagement from my opponent and sometimes that means I have to push to be pushed back. We could have easily set ourselves on cruise control and sometimes your opponents accept that, but that wouldn’t have been worth my time nor your money.

Prior to this match I was aware of the controversy regarding Metamoris and their athlete payment issues, but the money was not the driving force. I believed in the matchup between us both, the clash of styles, and what it would represent for the BJJ community. What Ralek and Metmaoris are doing for the grappling community is ground breaking and just like anything you start from the ground up it is going to have its kinks. I am just going to encourage all of you to support the organization during this growing process. These matches are some of the best the grappling world will ever see and that is due to the vision of Metamoris.

I am two weeks out from the 2015 ADCC and I can’t thank you enough for the love and support that you continue to provide, thank-you.

Photo credits: Scott Hirano